Nicola Pachinger

Areas of Practice

  • Administrative / Public Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial
  • Common Law
  • Coronial Inquests / Commissions of Inquiry
  • Criminal Law
  • Discrimination / Human Rights
  • Family Law
  • Professional Negligence
  • Sports Law
  • Wills and Estates

Date of Admission

18 May 2007

Nicola delivers expert professional legal services across a broad range of practice areas that she is particularly dedicated to, including: Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Coronial Inquests, Medico-Legal, Disciplinary Matters, Professional Negligence, Sports Law (Commercial), Government Prosecutions, Wills and Estates, Probate and Family Law. Nicola is a true generalist Barrister-at-Law.

Prior to joining the Bar Nicola worked extensively, in both Victoria and New South Wales, as a Solicitor Advocate. Nicola has customarily undertaken her own advocacy work.  Nicola routinely draws upon the comprehensive knowledge she has gained through acquiring a combined Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) degree from The University of Newcastle and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from The College of Law.

Nicola handles both Commonwealth and State Indictable and Summary Criminal Law matters. The types of Criminal Law matters that Nicola has represented clients in include: homicide; conspiracy to commit murder; dangerous driving occasioning death; police pursuit (NSW – Skye’s Law) matters; serious assaults; affray; threats to kill; armed robbery; aggravated burglary; sexual assaults; drugs matters; aid / abet escape of inmate; public order offences; EFT fraud; tax fraud; fraud in relation to passport applications and customs offences, such as illegal import / export. Nicola has considerable experience in representing parties in Coronial Inquests and other Inquiries of significant public interest. The more prominent Inquiries that Nicola has had direct involvement in, primarily through The University of Newcastle Legal Centre, include: the Azaria Chamberlain case and the Cornelia Rau case. Nicola has frequently represented clients in the Family Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates Court of Australia for hearings on property and children’s matters.

Nicola has specialised experience in dealing with organised crime and gang related crime. This is an area of significant interest for Nicola and at present, Nicola has two major research projects in operation pertaining to this area of the law. The first research project focuses on the topic of ‘Organised Crime and Gang Related Crime and Sentencing Laws and Practices in Different States of Australia’. The second research project investigates the issue of ‘Organised Crime and Consorting Laws in Australia’. Additionally, Nicola has experience working in multi-cultural environments which has enabled her to acquire an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences that may arise in the legal process.

Nicola has worked closely with a number of superb Barristers throughout her legal career, including Queen’s Counsels and Senior Counsels and has been involved in representing clients in various high profile trials and appellate matters in superior courts of record.

Nicola was appointed as the Law Institute of Victoria Northern Suburbs Law Association’s Young Lawyers’ Representative in 2008 and held this position until her resignation in 2010.

Away from the Bar, Nicola is a competitive athlete and has been involved in many different sports, including: tennis, cycling, triathlon, football, soccer, netball and rowing. Nicola has also participated in a broad range of other extra-curricular activities including: international professional tennis umpiring and fitness instructing.