Nicola Pachinger

Areas of Practice

  • Administrative / Public Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Appellate
  • Coronial Inquests / Commissions of Inquiry
  • Criminal Law
  • Disciplinary Inquiries
  • Family Law
  • Professional Negligence
  • Sports Law

Date of Admission

Admitted to the Legal Profession: 2007

Called to the Bar: 2013


  • Bachelor of Laws (The University of Newcastle)
  • Bachelor of Science (Forensic) (The University of Newcastle)
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (The College of Law, New South Wales)

Legal Aid New South Wales Panel Membership:

  • Indictable Criminal Law Barrister
  • Summary Criminal Law

Background Information:

Nicola delivers expert professional legal services across a broad range of practice areas that she is particularly dedicated to, including: criminal law, traffic law, family / domestic violence orders, personal violence orders, victims’ compensation law, coronial inquests, commissions of inquiry, disciplinary law, professional negligence law, sports law, family law, child protection law and administrative law / public law. Nicola has amassed substantial experience representing government, non-government and private clients and appearing in a wide variety of CBD, suburban, peri-urban, regional and rural courts in the federal, New South Wales and interstate jurisdictions. Nicola is mindful in her communications and is able to explain the most complex of matters in an appropriately simplified manner. Nicola is strategic, persuasive and resourceful in negotiation situations. Nicola is a highly skilled and tenacious advocate.

Nicola is frequently engaged in cases involving copious volumes of technical scientific and medical evidence. Nicola is adept in the preparation and cross-examination of expert witnesses. Nicola also has vast experience in dealing with organised crime and gang related crime and family / domestic violence matters and these are areas of significant interest for Nicola. Additionally, Nicola has experience working in multicultural environments which has enabled Nicola to acquire an understanding and appreciation of cultural differences that may arise in the legal process. Nicola frequently appears for parties in specialist Australian Indigenous courts.

Nicola has worked closely with a number of senior barristers throughout her legal career, including Queen’s Counsels and Senior Counsels and Nicola has been involved in representing clients in various high-profile trials and appellate matters in superior courts of record. 

Nicola also has a comprehensive advice and written advocacy practice. Nicola drafts high-quality legal advices, affidavits, statements, submissions, grounds of appeal and correspondence. Nicola systematically gathers, organises, analyses and presents information in a clear, logical and eloquent manner. 

Prior to joining the Bar, Nicola worked extensively in New South Wales and Victoria as a Solicitor Advocate.